We tend to come to conclusions that are contrary to the average Wall Street firm, which is a good thing in our view. To perform above average in markets (or in anything else) you need to think and act differently to the average player. The name Cassandra Capital was inspired by the Trojan priestess dedicated to the god Apollo and fated by him to utter true prophecies but never to be believed. We think it suits us pretty well.

We post once per day Monday to Friday, giving our thoughts on an array of subjects, all relating to the economy or financial markets. Keep an eye on our site if you want a constant flow of thoughts that you will not hear from mainstreams news or any financial analyst working for a big investment bank. We never claim to be right about everything – that’s impossible when it comes to the economy and markets – but we analyze situations with an unbiased view and make various conclusions based on available probabilities.

Let’s build something together.